Is it possible to increase your sales in today’s new economy?

Why do some sales people and business owners seem to increase their sales so easily while you struggle to get more sales?

 Let’s face it…

Selling is tougher than it used to be. It is a lot more difficult to achieve an increase in sales than it used to be.

There’s more competition.

Decision makers are more difficult to connect with.

And buying decisions seem to take so much longer.

With all these challenges sometimes it seems like an impossible task to make more sales.

So, how can you increase your sales, increase your business and make more money in sales?

Here are some easy steps to get started…


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Practical Ideas to Increase Sales in Any Economy

7 Secrets to Making More Sales

1. Increase your sales by improving your prospecting efforts.

Many sales people don’t prospect as effectively or frequently as they could. If you want to grow your sales you need to target your prospecting efforts and dedicate a significant portion of your weekly schedule to prospecting. Prospecting every day will help you make more sales faster than almost anything else.

2. Increase your sales by improving your approach.

This means you need to deliver a more effective opening when you contact a prospect via telephone or email.

Most sales people open the initial sales conversation by saying something like, “Hi Mr. Prospect, my name is Bob Smith from We Make Everything promotional goods. We offer a wide range of products that can be used as incentives and I’d like to meet with you to discuss your needs.”   This approach is tired, out-dated and ineffective at securing appointments and getting more sales. If you want to grow your sales it’s important to create a more effective opening.

3. Increase your sales by asking tough, penetrating questions. 

The majority of sales people ask weak, feeble sales questions and prevents them from increasing their sales. High-value, thought-provoking questions help you fully determine the prospect’s situation, decision making process, and other influencing factors in the buying decision.

4. Increase your sales by creating compelling sales presentations. 

The typical sales presentation is ineffective because it does not clearly identify how the prospect will benefit from your product, service or offering. To get an increase in sales you need to adapt every presentation so that it addresses the key issues your prospects faces in his/her business. Download a free copy of 58 Ways to Create Compelling Sales Presentations here

When you’re developing your sales presentation you need to make sure that you aren’t using a sales pitch. A sales pitch will only cause your prospect to tune you out and start looking for ways to end the sales call.

5. Increase your sales by keeping the sales conversation moving forward.

This means gaining agreement at various points in the sales interaction including determining the next steps.

6. Close more sales by becoming adept at responding to objections

Too many sales people and business owners fail to properly prepare for objections and fail to grow their sales as a result. Sales people who consistently increase their sales plan for objections. They also know how to properly respond to any objection that a prospect might present.

7. Lastly, if you are serious about increasing your sales, you need to ask for the sale.

Too many people invest valuable time delivering a sales pitch but fail to ask their prospect for the business. This one concept will have an immediate impact on your business and will help you make more sales.

There you have it.

Seven powerful strategies that will help you improve your sales pitch, grow your sales, increase your business, and make more money.