A Simple Way to Connect with Silent Prospects

Mar 20

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You connected with a hot prospect and had a high-quality initial conversation. She asked you to send her information which you did. However, now you can’t seem to reconnect with her. She’s seems to have disappeared or gone AWOL.

Here’s a simple way to dramatically improve your ability to connect with prospects like this.

1. It starts with your first conversation. During that initial call it is imperative to establish a day and time that you will call her. Make sure you do this BEFORE you end this call!

2. Include that day and time in the information you send her, “Mrs. Jones, as discussed I will call you on Tuesday at 11:15 AM.”

3. Send your prospect an Outlook invitation to ensure that you actually get on her calendar. Some sales people think this is intrusive or pushy but I have found that most busy decision makers appreciate it because all they have to do is click “accept” and the appointment automatically ends up on their calendar.

4. Call at the appointed day and time. It may sound like a simple concept but many sales people fail to call when they say they will and this destroys their chances of later connecting with their prospect.

How to deal with voice mail

In many cases, you will get their voice mail, even though you have a scheduled appointment. However, it is critical to remember that people aren’t sitting at their desk waiting patiently to speak with you. They race from meeting to meeting and they end up taking unexpected calls.

Here’s what you do.

Hang up, wait three minutes and call again.

If you get their voice mail leave a brief message that sounds something like, “Mrs. Jones, Kelley Robertson calling as promised. I suspect that you’re either on another call or in a meeting so I will call you back in 30 minutes.”

Hang up, wait 30 minutes and call again.

In most cases, you will connect with your prospect. If by chance you still get voice mail, leave a similar message as the earlier one, but tell them you will call the next day. More often than not, your prospect will return your call by the end of the day.

This approach is deceptively simple but it works.

Work with it for the next couple of weeks and I can almost guarantee that your reconnection rate will dramatically increase.

Could your team use some help with this and other sales strategies? I deliver hands-on workshops and keynote presentations on this and other topics. Contact me for information. 905-633-7750.


12 Comments on A Simple Way to Connect with Silent Prospects

  1. Great suggestions Kelley. If I may be so bold as to add one…

    Forward them their accepted Outlook meeting via email with the message “Are you still able to make our scheduled call?” and/or text them the same message. People may not check voice mail regularly but we are email/text obsessed.

  2. Hey thanks,

    I have been scheduling the meeting the same way unknowingly. Now I get it why my manager used to make me send outlook calendar requests. Also thanks on the Voicemail parts, I need to improve that part.

    Thanks Kelly.


    • Adhar, sounds like you have wise manager…The voice mail part is easy once you develop a habit. I suggest practising it beforehand so it flows smoothly.

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