Increase your Sales with Free Sales Training Downloads

I have created a variety of free sales training downloads to help you increase your sales and improve your results. You are more than welcome to share, email and distribute any of these resources to friends, coworkers, employees, colleagues, suppliers, customers or anyone else who could benefit from them.


58 Ways to Create Compelling Sales Presentations

This eBook outlines key strategies to create and deliver a compelling sales presentation.


32 Negotiating Mistakes Sales People Make

Learn what sales negotiating mistakes you might be making that could be costing you money.


Voice Mail Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Increase your sales by avoiding these voice mail mistakes.


Managing the Stress of Sales

Sales is a tough profession. Learn  27 tips, techniques and strategies to reduce the stress of selling.


A Year of Motivation

A collection of 52 full-colour 8 1/2 x 11 posters to help keep you motivated. This is a very large file (11MB) so it’s best to right click the title and save it directly to your computer. Don’t worry, it’s virus-free. We recommend that you print these posters on glossy photo paper.


Don’t Quit

A poem to remind you of the importance of sticking with it and not giving up.


Sales Proposal Template

Use this template to create a killer sales proposal.


How to Maintain a Winner’s Attitude

This 8 1/2 x 11 full-colour poster offers 10 tips to maintaining a winner’s attitude. For best results, print this file in full color on glossy photo paper.