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Reader Comments

“You have no idea how appropriate this advice is for me. I tend to shoot from the lip far too often and am really working at curbing this skill. The Blackberry on my hip has turned into a deadly weapon, because it allows me to fire back a caustic response with lightening speed. I am learning to resist that temptation, as well. Please continue the great work. I find your weekly tips unfailingly helpful and always read them faithfully. Have also recommended you to many colleagues and friends.”

“Just wanted to share with you how true your story is. In 1970 I managed to purchase a jewelry store and about 6 months later an older fellow strode into the store…scruffy looking, old boots etc. To make a long story short, about 30 minutes later he walked out with a $1500 diamond ring for his wife as it was their anniversary. It is something I have never forgotten. Give all prospects the courtesy to talk to them. Thanks for an excellent article.”

“Thanks for your great tips. The training was great. I just won MVP in second time in a row, your training is really helpful in qualifying customers.”

“Thank you for the ABC’s of Successful Selling. This was a good idea for you to share. Be sure to let me know when you will be doing a seminar in Phoenix, AZ.”

“I just flew back to Edmonton this morning and I think I might need a nap before I can give 100% today. I’m only kidding. On a serious note, the tip definitely set me straight about the effort I need to put forth despite my lack of sleep. Thanks, and I’m looking forward to more.”

“As usual, there were some things here that I absolutely needed to hear this morning!!! Thanks for keeping me inspired with short, poignant, powerful moments!”

“Wanted to thank you for your weekly pointers. Always concise, intelligent and helpful. Actually look forward to receiving them—which cannot be said for most industry-related e-mail that I receive.”

“Thank you for your invaluable 59 second tips!”

“Good points. Even seasoned presenters like me should periodically ask ourselves if we are slipping into making errors like these.”

“As usual, there were some things here that I absolutely needed to hear this morning!!! Thanks for keeping me inspired with short, poignant, powerful moments!”

“Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy your weekly tips. I especially enjoyed this week’s on how to Expand Your Business. Your timing for this topic is terrific since we are going through our traditional dry spell. This will encourage our reps to stay focused on doing what Stephen Covey says – First Things First!”

“Thank you for your good ideas from the 59 Second Tip.”

“Your greeting, with each person’s name is very impressive and got my positive attention.”

“The ‘Can I tell you a story?’ is a great idea. I will incorporate that into my presentations and calls.”

“Your 59 second messages always get my week off to a good start.”