How to Become the Best Sales Person in Your Company

Feb 07


During last weekend’s pre-Super Bowl television shows, I watched a segment on Tom Brady that intrigued me. Although Brady didn’t win the Super Bowl this year, there is no denying that he is a world class quarterback.

However, a scouting report conducted prior to his being drafted in 2002 certainly did not reflect this. Observations included:

  • Too slow
  • Lacks great physical stature
  • Lacks mobility and ability to avoid the rush
  • Does not throw a tight spiral
  • System-type player who can get exposed if forced to ad-lib

Brady used this report to motivate himself and to prove his critics wrong. Interestingly, he said this during an interview that was part of the segment.

“When I watch me play sometimes, I still don’t think I’m very good. I always want to feel that I’m the best quarterback for this team. I want to earn it every single day.”

I LOVE the last sentence in that quote! Very few people are willing to earn their job once they have it. In fact, I once spoke to a 20-year veteran in one company who felt that he was entitled to his position because of his tenure.

Do you want to be the best sales person for your company?

If you want to become a world-class sales person you need to study. You need to train. You need extensive knowledge of your products. But most important, you need to work hard.

Although anyone can become the best in their industry, company, or career, being the best is not a right.

It is earned.

Are you prepared to earn your job every day?

  • Bob

    A great message Kelley. I have been trying to make the switch from finance/operations to sales, and this really hits home. It does come down to attitude and desire, and preparedness. Ok, a little luck doesn’t hurt either…:>)

    Thanks for good posts.

    • Kelley

      Bob, good luck with the transition; moving from finance/operations to sales can be difficult.

      If you haven’t done so already, start reading sales books that are relevant to your situation. If you’re selling B2B, I highly recommend Jill Konrath’s books, “Snap Selling” & “Selling to Big Companies.” Although it was written the 80s, “SPIN Selling” by Neil Rackham is still relevant and if you need to learn how to cold call pick up Art Sobzcak’s “Smart Calling.


  • The Irreverent Sales Girl

    I LOVE it! Earn your position EVERY DAY!

    I also REALLY love that Brady watches himself and self-critiques. How many of us video tape ourselves while we’re presenting (or calling) or even audio tape ourselves? Invaluable!

    Thanks for this great post. Keeps us “laurel-sitters” on our toes!

    • Kelley

      When I first started conducting sales training workshops, I video-taped them and was horrified at some of the mannerisms I displayed. It’s not easy to watch or hear yourself but it is one of the best learning tools available to us.