5 Rituals of Top Performing Sales People

Oct 29

Sometimes, average sales people look at their top performing colleagues and wonder what they do to achieve their results.

Part of their success lies in their pre-sale rituals. Here are 5 rituals that top sales performers execute in order to capture that big deal.

1. They research

Before making their initial call to a new prospect they invest time researching that company. They find out who are the key decision makers, they look for areas of opportunity, and they learn exactly how their product, service or offering might benefit that company.

2. They plan

Top sales people invest more time planning than the average sale person.

They carefully craft their opening statement or value proposition for cold calls, face-to-face meetings and follow-up conversations.

They anticipate potential objections and determine the best way to respond.

They determine what the next steps should be and they figure out the best strategies to move each sales conversation forward.

3. They rehearse

Top performers never “wing it”.

They take the time to practise and rehearse their presentation or pitch. They verbally run through their sales call script before picking up the telephone. They practise their responses to objections. And they practise asking for the sale.

4. They warm up

No athlete or singer would ever start a performance without a warm up. Even rock bands that have been playing for years don’t take the stage without warming up first.

Top sales people are no different.

They often practise their opening and run through the potential concerns and objections that their prospect might have. As a result, they are completely ready to “perform” when they walk into their prospect’s office.

5. They study

Great sales people study.

They know that they need to constantly improve and upgrade their skills if they want to succeed. They study other top performers. They analyze their sales calls and determine how they can improve.

They study their competition. They know everything about their product or solution. And they read sales literature, trade magazines and constantly add to their database of knowledge.

Athletes, musicians, actors, singers all have rituals they follow before they perform or play. Top performing sales people are no different.

What about you?

Do you have certain rituals that help you succeed? Please feel free to share them.


3 Comments on 5 Rituals of Top Performing Sales People

  1. Well said John. And it’s not only for sales people… As I tell my clients ” everybody is in sales ( or should be).

  2. This information is so valuable. Thank you for putting this information into such an easy format. I hope my entire staff benefits from these 5 steps.

  3. This is a good basic, beginning level description of essential activities sales people should include in their daily to-do list. However, the difference between good sales people and great sales people is not addressed here. Sales persons unable to read the communication style while decoding the messages of the prospect are decidedly less effective and, will likely see a much lower close ratio. An investment in a Myers-Briggs type communication style inventory will pay dividends to all sales people and teams looking to improve sell-through while enjoying higher close ratios!!

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