What Clients Say About Kelley’s Sales Training…


“Kelley did an outstanding job of imparting sales training skills to the 280 Store Managers who attended the two conferences. Kelley has a very effective style of teaching…a style which puts people at ease and at the same time, encourages active participation. I can strongly recommend Kelley to other organizations that are involved in customer sales.”

Chuck van der Lee, President
Rogers Video

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“I recently held an annual sales meeting with my reps and engaged the services of Kelley Robertson to conduct a half-day sales training workshop as part of the program. His session, “Characteristics of Successful Salespeople” was very well received by my team. It not only reinforced key sales techniques, but presented a variety of sales strategies that we can use immediately to improve our sales results. Kelley’s approach was relaxed and engaging and he managed to get everyone involved during the session. Plus, he was easy to work with and customized the program to address the specific issues we face in our division.”

Hector Pagan,  Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Vulcan Industries

“Picture this – 60 Franchisees in a room for almost 9 hours – no complaints, no one napping, and everyone involved until the last minute – the best testimonial is given by the participants’ actions and for Kelley Robertson it was outstanding. Everyone was participating, relaxed, and still talking about it the next day. What else can I say except thank you for one of the highlights of our annual Conference.”

Fred Stewart, Chief Operating Officer
Nutrition House Canada

“I would recommend this program without hesitation to everyone and anyone involved in sales. The material was relevant, delivery was excellent, it was easy to understand and the role plays provided a fun way to practise and apply the knowledge.”

Renzo Mariani, National Sales Manager
Body Plus

“Selling Without Fear is by far the comprehensive sales training program in which we have participated. The GUEST model is now an integral component of our sales cycle, allowing us to meet the specific and growing needs of our wine consumer.”

Alison Zalepa, Manager Winery Retail & Tourism
Hillebrand Estates Winery
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“Wow, he was really good!”  “Why couldn’t he have been here longer?”  “Not enough time for him”  were just a few of the comments I received after your presentation. Thanks for a great presentation!”

Larry Green
Director Human Resources
American Greetings

“Thank-you for presenting your Yes, I Can! customer service program to our front-line staff. This presentation was tailored specifically for our centre, dealing with issues and opportunities we encounter daily.”

Andrea Brady, General Manager
Quinte Mall

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“Thank-you so much for a very interesting, informative, and well presented seminar! I’ve had feedback from all of the managers today and they can’t say enough about it. They are raring to go!”

Millie Jonsson, Eastern Sales Manager

“I wanted to follow up with a note to reiterate my observation of your workshop on making better presentations. It was quite worthwhile for our management group to have participated in the program. I was amazed at the difference in the presentations of several people in such a short period of time. Very impressive results!”

John K. Simmonds, Executive Director
Vineyard Estate Wines

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“There are many customer service programs out in the marketplace, and while they are important, you bring a unique perspective to the retail industry. The great news is that our per-person spend has gone up and stayed up since our staff learned about the GUEST model of selling.”

Heather Howard, Vice President
1000 Island Duty Free Store

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Thank you for doing such a great job with our Sales Training Seminar at our annual conference in Vancouver this year. It is the first time that I have seen our franchisee sit still for this long. Considering it was a full day event, you managed to keep it interesting, informative and fun. I have heard nothing but positive comments from the franchisees about the day. I think you managed to connect with them – something that hasn’t happened with other sales training seminars in the past.”

Wayne Parent, President
Nutrition House Canada

“The program was awesome! It was so interactive – the time flew by and I didn’t even realize how much I was actually learning! I am totally excited about getting back on the floor and applying all the concepts and sharing them with my staff.”

Helen Rego, Store Manager
Peller Estate Wines

“Kelley, the sales steps really work!! I am not a sales person at all and never had experience selling. But I attended two customers today and both of them bought from me! Thank you again for providing such a great training!”

Eiko Horinouchi, Store Coordinator
Sony Latin America

“Even though I have 25 years of retail experience, you presented a new way of looking at customer service. I will enjoy selling and interacting with clients – this program is definitely not paper oriented.”

Cathy Flight, Store Manager
J. Michaels

“Kelley doesn’t just do the sessions and leave, he takes time to speak with the retailers, offer advice etc. In addition, he sends weekly customer service/sales information bulletins by email, which can be distributed to the retailers. Very effective. He is a highly energetic, informative, and approachable speaker.”

Andrea Armstrong, Marketing Director
Conestoga Mall

“This is a style of selling that I can actually apply because it’s based on customer service and honesty. I can feel good knowing that I am helping the customer.”

Alex Pollack, Sales Associate
the Sony Store

“I have attended many sales training seminars over the years and the majority seem to be all the same – dry and boring. They also lack the practical element of relaying the information to staff. Your program made me aware of my own selling techniques and where I can improve. Fantastic delivery!”

Scott Hodgkinson, Store Manager
Hillebrand Estates Winery

“The sales training activities were new and very refreshing. They related directly to our work environment and helped me understand what I can do differently to achieve better results.”

Ian Fleming, Store Manager
the Sony Store

“This was an amazing sales training seminar! I am very impressed.”

Dawn Wentz, Dealer
Home Hardware

“I have already benefited from the techniques you presented. Customers are very willing to give more information with the “Oh really?” response. I was also able to get one of my long time customers to make a purchase by adding value instead of discounting.”

Steve Knights

“I have reached my monthly target in just 1 ½ weeks as a result of your program!”

Kyle Massey, Sales Associate
the Sony Store

“I enjoyed the interactive style of the  sales training workshop. You employed almost every technique to keep the interest of the group so they would get the most from the program.”

Susan Jacobucci, Store Manager
J. Michaels

“Exceeded my expectations – lots of energy and interaction. Kelley has an exciting and fresh approach to prospecting and he makes it easy with a step-by-step method.”

Sandee Whalen
SINC Communications

“I had the opportunity of putting the GUEST principles into practice within a few days of completing the workshop. I was selling merchandise at a community event and consciously applied the principles to every selling opportunity. I sold a ton of merchandise and had a blast. The other volunteers were calling me their sales ringer!”

Larry Easto, Partner
Results Exchange – Revenue Growth Strategists

“I frequently conduct training sessions to groups of 20-30 mortgage brokers. Normally, I launch immediately into my PowerPoint presentation. However, following the half-day workshop with you on Effective Questioning, I decided to try a new tactic. With the next group, I began by asking each participant to tell me their name, their degree of familiarity with our product and if there was anything in particular they wanted me to cover in my presentation. I was amazed at how open everyone was. The information I gleaned from taking just 5 minutes at the beginning helped me tailor my talk to their needs and address objections upfront. The energy in the room visibly increased. And, afterwards, several people came up to me individually to thank me and to assure me that they would start to use our product.”

Pat Hobbs, V.P. National Accounts
Mortgage Protection Plan

“The success of the day could not have been realized if not for your contribution of personal time and expertise. Your commitment to supporting small business in the Brampton area was greatly appreciated by all who attended.”

Cassandra Baccardax, Business Advisor
Brampton Small Business Enterprise Centre

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